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Project reports available

The Preparatory Phase Project came to a formal end on 30 June 2010. The published project reports highlight the differences in the range of services and capacities of CESSDA archives, and cover issues like training, metadata and data portal. [more...]

CESSDA-PPP in Projects 15!

The CESSDA-PPP features in issue 15 of Projects magazine, produced by British Publishers. [more]

ESRA 2009

Delegates from CESSDA-PPP partner organisations, including three workpackage leaders, attended the Third Conference of the European Survey Research Association, held in Warsaw, Poland from 29 June - 3 July 2009. [more]

IASSIST/IFDO 2009 CESSDA-PPP session now online!

Watch the IASSIST/IFDO 2009 CESSDA-PPP conference session here.

CESSDA-PPP Factsheet, May 2009

The second PPP Factsheet (PDF format) is now available. [more...]

Tender for a report on options for secure access

A tender for a report on options for secure access to sensitive microdata closed during April 2009. [more...]

CESSDA follow-up survey

Following the 2008 survey of CESSDA members, several work packages need to supplement the information collected. The questions have been collated into a follow-up survey. Click here to access the survey directly.

CESSDA, EUROSTAT and ONS Workshop materials available

In early December, CESSDA, EUROSTAT and ONS held a joint meeting on access to microdata. Details of the event, including workshop presentations, are now available from the EUROSTAT website. [more...]

Bremen Workshop: Qualitative Longitudinal Research and Qualitative Resources in Europe, 24 April 2009

Applications are invited from researchers and/or archivists in CESSDA and elsewhere in Europe. [more...]

Funders' Meeting report and presentations available

In December 2008 the Competitive Council of Ministers will be asked to indicate which of the ESFRI Roadmap RI's they might support. In preparations, CESSDA plans were presented to funders. [more...]

Meeting "Microdata Access: New Developments and a Way Forward", December 3-4

The joint CESSDA, ONS and Eurostat Meeting takes place in Luxembourg. [more...]

Tender for Technical Specification

A tender for a technical specification relating to the development of a European Question Bank has been issued. [more...]

CESSDA PPP Fact Sheet, October 2008

The first PPP Fact Sheet (PDF) is now available. [more...]

Tender for Two Reports

A tender for two reports relating to the upgrade of CESSDA Research Infrastructure has been issued. [more...]

Harmonisation consultation papers now available

Presentations from Paris workshop on harmonisation issues in comparative social surveys are now available. [more...]

CESSDA PPP presented at IASSIST Conference

The project was highly visible at IASSIST 2008 "Technology of Data: Collection, Communication, Access and Preservation" on 27-30 May 2008, Stanford, California, USA. CESSDA PPP presentations are now available. [more...]